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Turkish CNC Interface

Technical Features and Innovations:

-Spindle Motor Encoder Support

-Workspace Definition with Software Limit

-Spindle Motor Forward-Reward Guide Traction Online Support

-Defined Ready Work Offset (Workspaces)

-Auto Tool Changer Enable / Disable

-Approved Start-Stop and Tool Changer Macros

-Tool (Team) Offset Identification, Total Job Time

-Joystick Calibration, Total Business Time Calculation

– Ability to continue without error (Continue) function


Installation Instructions:

1 – Install the “Mach3 Turkish Interface Setup.exe” program file on your computer. Located on the Desktop

2 – Run the file “Mach3_TR” with double click. Complete the License Information Form and click on the “Submit” button

Press. The Turkish interface license will be sent to your e-mail address that you specified in your Activation Code License form.

3 – Enter the Activation Code that came to your e-mail address and click “Activate License” Button.

4 – Mach3 Turkish To work with the interface, double-click on the name “Mach3_TR” in the Desktop to open-run.

Meet New, Functional and Improved Turkish Mach2 and Mach3 Interface. Plastic, Metal, Polyamide, Cestamid, Derlin, Wood and so on. 3-D processing of products is now easy, increase your speed with Turkish Interface and Macro Library. To simplify usage, the most commonly used components are collected on a single screen, and the MDI (Manual Mode Command Entry) and so on. Auto Z (Automatic resetting of the tool cutter tool tip to the workpiece surface), Reference picking macro, Automatic tool change macro, Work time calculation macro, Milling Turn and Direction Automatic control macro, etc. You have the advantage of having a new Turkish interface that has many features in it. Stay one step ahead of your competitors, shorten the time you spend on training your client, and work with us to make it clearer.

Tool Changer, Auto Tool Zero, Spindle Motor You can choose the NX600-4 PWM Interface product for the revolution automatic control and spindle direction control. Beyond your expectations, many innovations and macros are presented to you at this interface.