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NX174 Wooden CNC Router 2500x1500x150mm



NX174 Wooden CNC Router 2500x1500x150mm

  XYZ Net Working   2500x1500x150mm.
  Screw Group   CPC (Taiwan) Ball Screw
  Spindle Motor   3KW Hertz (domestic)
  Ball Nut   32×25 CPC (Taiwan)
  Rail and Cars   Rack frame CPC (Taiwan)
  Y-Z Bridges   6061 Dump Body
  Operating Voltage   380V / 50Hz.
  Automatic Reference   There is. (Auto Z Probe Included)
  G-Code Support   Standard G-Code
  Curb Progress   40m / min.
  Cutting Speed   30m / min.
  Axis Motors   Hybrid Servo Motor
  Handwheel   * Optional
  Bottom Plate Machine   Steel Profiles of 100 × 100
  Bench Floor   Flat Tabla
  Glass Support   Artcam, Ezcam vb.
  CAD Drawings Support   DXF, IGS, STL
  Shipping External Dimensions   3300x1750x1500
  Average Weight   1700kg. + – 10%

NX470 Pro CNC Wood Router 320x160x200mm

– Hiwin or CPC in all axes (Taiwan) Ball Screw, Hiwin or CPC, Ray and Karen Sledge Rental –

Suspension Geometry Box Steel Profiles is not is full of Medicine Body Casting. –

1 in the Y-axis and Z-axis is absolutely no !, a piece of source.


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