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Nokta to a different place with professional service in the industry with CNC, 2007 was established in the industrial engineer by Göksel Vatansever. The first day it was put into operation today, hundreds of companies serving the CNC Spot, qualified personnel who have received an education in the squad, giving place to the experienced and professional people, providing a quality service by working with the latest technology equipment. Mainly for wooden furniture sector Wood CNC Router and 4 Axis 5 Axis Door Sizing Machine, the marble sector Marble cnrc Route and advertising sector Advertising CNC Router computer-based automation software in the scam in which the company’s inventory serves for and the furniture industry, there are advanced equipment such as plasma THC and these gears are provided an excellent service continuously renewed.

CNC Nokta , the machine do the work for various production sectors. Cutting Machines, alongside the programming of these machines, such as CNC Router machine production and macro software then is done by the company. All of the machines are coded with advanced software and is delivered to the customer in the case will work perfectly.

Nokta CNC basic operating principle of the company is to ensure customer satisfaction by providing superior quality and service. Well trained in the field, working with qualified mechanical engineers and draftsmen Nokta CNC is delivered to the customer after the product make sure it works flawlessly.

Nokta CNC ‘s also supposed to be noted that the company manufactures special machines. Software and coding of the machines are made according to customer’s request and the work they do and the company produced machines will be effective in specific circumstances. Produced machines, sunulmakt is the customer service after a serious research and development process and provide support in case of any technical failure.

Another aim of the company is to be the support to domestic production. Machinery sector, has an important place in the economy and local production and CNC Spot entirely indigenous production , which makes a great contribution to the development of this sector with advanced machinery. Local companies import equipment to recover from trouble, improve the machinery of Turkey, providing employment to the employees of technical experts and scientists in this field are among the primary targets of CNC Nokta.